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Prambanan Yogyakarta Indonesia

The Vagabondkids at Prambanan Yogyakarta Indonesia

Hi, thanks for dropping by, we are an American expatriate family living and working in Singapore. We have lived in Asia for almost 13 years and have loved and learned from every single minute.

Kristy in a Vietnamese Ciclo

I’m Kristy and I am the mom, the  primary blog poster, the family photographer, a reformed scrapbooker, booboo kisser and full time attorney for a United States motorcycle company. I lead the family to Asia 13 years ago when I declared I was quitting my job and moving to Beijing to study Chinese.  Thank god I had Jeff to be the reasonable one who allowed me to follow my dream and pay the bills along the way.


Jeff at the Singapore Science Center

Jeff at the Singapore Science Center

Jeff, is the dad, the tickler in charge, the biggest kid in the whole family.  Jeff has his own consulting company and is the one that pays attention to some of the more important things.  He worries about paying for the kids education and our “retirement” but we  has always been more interested in living today, enjoying the ability to travel around Asia (and the world) using budget airlines, bonus points and frequent flyer miles and carving out time now, rather than wait until the magical age of 65.

After my 9 month trip to China, Jeff and I both agreed that life was much bigger than the four corners of the United States we moved to Asia with only an offer of a job for me.  So we sold our cars, our furnishings and most  of our possessions taking 10 suitcases, the Dog and the Cat. We settled in Taiwan, started working and traveling, and then started our family.

Declan Kiera at Angkor Wat Cambodia

Declan and Kiera at Angkor Wat Cambodia

Declan and Kiera were both born in Taiwan.  While they are US citizens by birth they have never spent more than 6 weeks in the United States at any one time.  Declan is almost 11 and he has been to more countries that either Jeff or I had been to at the age of 25. Declan is a fact mine, a data monster, and he learns about life one place at a time. Kiera is 9 and is the life of the party and is always up for a new adventure, a new place to visit, new friends to make and of course places to spend her allowance.

We live and work in Singapore but we aren’t the typical expat family. We don’t have an expat package with a car, a driver or a huge 5000 square foot house paid for by the company. We pay our own rent and we pay out of pocket for private school tuition. We live life that is very much like the middle class Singaporean, we ride the bus to work or take a taxi, we don’t own a car, and eat local food like our neighbors.

We believe that our children are better off for having been born overseas, learning and living in a second language environment in Taiwan, being able to go to school with kids from around the globe in Singapore and being well on their way to passports filled with adventures and memories. Unlike many first world kids, they have both already traveled around much of Asia, large swaths of the United States they too think travel is the best way to learn about the world.

This is our life, it is nothing magical, and we work very hard to make these things happen because we believe travel is important.  Along the way we thought we would share our trips, our life with you.  See reviews of things we have done, places we love, stories from us and from the kids along the way.

Contact us with questions and thanks for sharing our stories.